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La Gomera

The Canary Islands are located at the distance of a 4.5 hours' flight from Germany. Situated to the west of Morocco, the Canary Islands belong to Spain politically and are part of the European Union. Due to this fact, they offer a stable situation in exceptional surroundings. The currency is the Euro, the time difference to Germany is only -1 hour. The language is Spanish, and in many tourist businesses, the staff also speak German or English.

Favoured by the north-eastern trade wind and the location in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands offer a balanced, pleasant climate throughout the year. Among these "Islands of Eternal Spring", which differ very much from each other, La Gomera offers a unique nature and many plants which grow only here. The centre of the island is the Garajonay, one of the last European laurel forests, which was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Valle Gran Rey - situated in the south-western part of the island - offers a tourist infrastructure without large concrete hotels. In addition to many private apartments, some apartment complexes - like Jardin del Conde - were built in recent years. The location in La Puntilla - facing the Charco del Conde - offers quiet surroundings central to the other parts of lower Valle Gran Rey.